Thursday, October 9, 2008

Om at Home

As you may know, I have an online coaching program for writers called Intuitive Writing (just like my ebook!). Right now, one of the writers I'm working with is Chanda, whom I have met once, in an in-person class I taught about 2 years ago. A few days after the Intuitive Writing program started, I checked in with Chanda by email. I said,
How is the writing going? Are you writing daily? Have you listened to your downloads? Please let me know what I can do to support you and your writing. You are welcome to phone or email any time.
Chanda answered:
I am getting into the writing. As always, there are excuses. I have been in Arrowhead for most of the last six months remodeling a house. I just came home last Thursday, brought a puppy home, my cat freaked out and now it seems like I have lost her for good. Anyway, opens the heart, I miss her.
I also liked hearing about Silva since I actually read that book in the early eighties and then did a refresher a couple of years ago with the c.d.'s. I love it but I am the worst at keeping a program going. I like learning but it is the applying that is the problem here.

I have not looked at the downloads yet. I think I will have to print them off as I like to have things in front of me on paper..........I will do it soon.

Thank you so much for everything. I will be out of town this weekend so maybe, let's say, maybe Wednesday for our phone consultation. How does that sound to you?
So we set an appointment, and I told her to read the book, either on the computer or printed out, and write every day, at least 20 minutes. I reminded her, since she knew about the Silva Method (I had just taken a course, which I talked about in my emails to the writers), that maybe she could use it to get her cat back. Then I said:
Right now, I am visualizing the cat walking in through a sliding glass door. After that, I see the cat and the puppy curled up together, happy and harmonious. And I am visualizing you nearby writing fast in your notebook, the words pouring out in an abundant, uninterrupted stream!
Without telling Chanda, I did a couple of big meditations about her cat. I imagined "energetically" ushering the cat safely home. I saw the cat walking through an open sliding glass door into Chanda's kitchen. I felt Chanda's, surprise, delight, and relief at seeing her cat. I pictured the cat in Chanda's lap and then I imagined the cat rolling happily on the floor. For the next couple of days, several times, I heard the song "The Cat Came Back," playing just barely detectably in the background of my thoughts, like a little radio turned way down low: "And the cat came back the very next day. They thought he was a goner, but the cat came back. He just couldn't stay away."

Guess what? Two days after we emailed, the cat came back. Chanda emailed me again:
Thank you for helping me with my kitty, Om. When I came home tonight she was here, still friction with the puppy but at least she is here and I am elated and surprised.
(I thought it was interesting that she emailed me right away and thanked me, because I didn't tell her that I was meditating about the cat.) Chanda and I had our phone coaching session yesterday morning, and I got more details for you.
  • I found out that the cat had been missing for 9 days!
  • Chanda lives in Murrieta, California, I learned, an area that's pretty well populated with coyotes and other predators. On two separate occasions, Chanda told me, hawks have gotten their talons into this very same cat's back and tried to carry her off. In my own neighborhood, which is far more paved and populated (with humans), I have seen a coyote running through the street, carrying a dead cat in its mouth. Just a few months ago, a coyote tried to get into our back yard to get our dog. My husband and I had to yell and scream a lot to get it to go away. Here in California, cats who go missing for a day or two don't usually come back.
  • This cat returned healthy, clean, and perfect in every way--on Chanda's birthday! She said the cat looked as though she had just stepped out for a few minutes and come right back.
  • The cat came back through the sliding glass door into the kitchen. Chanda had been out all day, celebrating her birthday, and when she came home, so did the cat.
  • The cat's name is Om. Now Om is at home.
Cool story, you're thinking, but what does it have to do with me? Well, a lot. As I'm sure you know by now, to me, almost everything that happens is a metaphor. The fact that Om came home represents possibility. Maybe Om herself is that dream or wish that you really want to see realized. What about those animal predators? Those look a lot like doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs to me. How about you? So don't let your worries gobble up your desires!

Check out your fears about what you want. Maybe you're pessimistic about your ability to survive financially doing what you really want to do. Maybe you've given up on something before it had a chance to work out. Perhaps you've let events in the news dictate how you feel about your future. Maybe you're facing a health, work, or relationship challenge that you're not expecting to turn around. Remember that your positive thoughts, beliefs, and expectations can influence an outcome. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by what you can create with the power of your mind.

And think about Om at home.